Journal for Extracorporeal Circulation, Assist Devices, Transplantation and Artificial Organs

Volume 8, 2003, No 3

11th Congress of the International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps (ISRBP)
Bad Oeynhausen, Germany
August 31st – September 2nd, 2003

Congress Chairman: Kazutomo Minami



O 1
N. Mendler, A. Breitenbach, J. Merwerth, N. Mueller, C. Steinbrecher:
The Direct Drive Centrifugal Pump RotAssist: Electrical and Hydraulic Design and Performance

O 2
A. Untaroiu, X. Song, H. G. Wood, P. E. Allaire, A. L. Throckmorton, D. B. Olsen:
Design and Numerical Analysis of a Novel Axial Flow Left Ventricular Assist Device

O 3
T. Yambe, Y. Shiraishi, M. Esashi, Y. Haga, M. Yoshizawa, F. Sato, M. Yoshizawa, K. Imachi, Y. Abe, S. Nitta:
Pulsation Device for Rotary Blood Pumps

O 4
T. Akamatsu, M. Yamazaki, K. Hattori:
Effectiveness of Double Volute and Leak Flow Rate Through Shroud Clearance of Centrifugal Blood Pump with Magnetically Suspended Impellers

O 5
T. Kink, H. Reul:
Development of a Hydrodynamic Bearing for a Microaxial Pump

O 6
K. Sekine, Y. Mitamura, I. Nishimura, S. Murabayashi, R. Yozu:
A Magnetic Fluid Shaft Seal for Rotary Blood Pumps: Sealing and Biological Properties

O 7
B. Meyns, E. Verbeken, V. Leunens, H. Bollen, W. Kerkhoffs, O. Schumacher, H. Reul, W. Flameng:
Animal Testing of Microvad: From Extracorporeal Model to Implantation without Anticoagulation

O 8
R. Autschbach, L. Demircan, S. Christiansen, W. Buhre, S. Nikolin, J. M. Schröder, P. Kwant, M. Akdis, H. Reul:
Left Heart Support with the Newly Developed Microdiagonal Blood Pump

O 9
M. Behr:
Benefits and Pitfalls of Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Development of Centrifugal Blood Pumps: Predicting Flow Patterns, Hemolysis, and Performance

O 10
A. Untaroiu, A. L. Throckmorton, X. Song, H. G. Wood, P. E. Allaire:
Design Requirements for an Axial Flow Blood Pump – Challenges Facing a Blood Pump Designer

O 11
T. Grönsfelder, R. Nordmann, H. Schima, C. Reindl:
Numerical Modeling of a Fluid-Structure-Interaction using CFX-TASCFlow and MATLAB-Simulink: Evaluation and Application to the Hemobear Blood Pump

O 12
T. Yano, K. Sekine, A. Mitoh, Y. Mitamura:
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of the Valvo Pump, an Intra-ventricular Assist Device

O 13
H. Loree, G. Burgreen, K. Bourque, C. Dague, V. Poirier, D. Farrar, E. Hampton, R. Wiesemann, Z. Wu, T. Gempp, R. Schöb:
CFD and Flow Visualization of a Maglev Centrifugal LVAD

O 14
X. Song, H. G. Wood, D. B. Olsen:
Accessories of Rotary Blood Pumps: Cannula, Inducer, Volute, Diffuser and Discharger

O 15
W. K. Chan, Y. W. Wong, W. Hu:
Effects of Volute Geometry on Blood Trauma – A Numerical Study

O 16
G. P. Noon, D. Goldstein, P. McCarthy, D. Morley, E. Teitel:
Preliminary Report of the DeBakey VAD® US Feasibility Trial

O 17
J. Mueller, Y. Weng, E. V. Potapov, T. Drews, D. Kemper, M. Jurmann, R. Hetzer:
Clinical Application of the First Left Ventricular Cardiac Assist Device without any Wear and Tear

O 18
L. Golding, K. Doi, A. Massiello, D. Horvath, Y. Ootaki, K. Fukamachi:
Preclinical Testing of the CorAideTM Ventricular Assist System

O 19
P. Khanwilkar, G. Jacobs, S. Miles, J. Antaki, C. Chen, B. Paden, G. Bearnson, D. Paden, J. Long:
HeartQuestÔ VAD: Progress Towards Viable Destination Therapy

O 20
C. Nojiri, G. Harris, M. McCartney, J. Maekawa, M. Yanai, N. Sugiura, D. Olsen, G. Burns:
Current Status of the Duraheart LVAS – A Mag-Lev Centrifugal Pump

O 21
O. Marseille, C. Benk, S. Beholz, M. Kessler:
2 Years Clinical Experience with the Deltastream Blood Pump System

O 22
A. Baba, P. Dobsak, I. Saito, T. Isoyama, K. Takiura, M. Shibeta, Y. Abe, T. Chinzei, J. Vasku, K. Imachi:
Effect of Pulsatility on Conjunctival Microcirculation of the Goat with Implanted an Undulation Pump Total Artificial Heart

O 23
T. Yambe, Y. Shiraishi, Y. Abe, K. Imachi, I. Saito, S. Mochizuki, Y. Mitamura, M. Umezu, T. Matsuda, E. Okamoto, S. Nitta:
Organ Circulation during Left Ventricular Assistance with the Implantable Undulation Type Ventricular Assist Device

O 24
D. Zimpfer, D. Haider, M. Czerny, W. Roethy, J. Kilo, F. Vogt, H. Schima, G. Wieselthaler, E. Wolner, M. Grimm:
Neurocognitive Function in Patients with Ventricular Assist Devices

O 25
A.Ündar, H. C. Eichstaedt, F. J. Clubb Jr, M. Fung, M. Lu, J. E. Bigley, B. Deady, A. Porter, W. K. Vaughn, S. A. Stayer, D. B. Andropoulos, C. D. Fraser Jr.:
Anesthetic Induction with Ketamine Inhibits Platelet Activation before, during, and after Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Baboons

O 26
T. Mizuno, E. Tatsumi, T. Nishinaka, N. Katagiri, Y. Shirakawa, T. Tsukiya, A. Homma, Y. Takewa, H. Takano, S. Kitamura, Y. Taenaka:
The Chronic Effects on the Lungs in the Goat following Up-to-Five-Month Venoarterial Bypass using an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

O 27
H. Schima, M. Vollkron, L. Huber, G. Morello, B. Benkowski, M. Quittan, G. Wieselthaler:
Clinical Experiences with a Physiologically Adaptive Control of Rotary Blood Pumps and its Performance in Crucial Situations

O 28
K. Reesink, A. Dekker, T. van der Nagel, H. Blom, C. Soemers, G. Geskes, J. Maessen, E. van der Veen:
Physiologic Insensitive Left Ventricular Assist may Predispose Right-sided Circulatory Failure: A Pilot Simulation and Validation Study

O 29
K. Graichen, P. Nüsser, F. Deus, R. Breuel, W. Neumann, M. Göllner, J. Müller:
Sensor-based Absolute Pressure Monitoring in an Axial Blood Pump

O 30
H. Schima, M. Vollkron, L. Huber, W. Roethy, G. Wieselthaler:
Necessities for Patient and Device Monitoring during the Various Phases of Circulatory Support

O 31
A. Arndt, P. Nuesser, K. Graichen, T. Merkel, J. Hoffmann, P. Goettel, V. Gaydos, J. Mueller:
Suction Control of an Axial Flow Blood Pump with a Magnetically Suspended Rotor

O 32
H. Yamagishi, Y. Sankai, T. Tsutsui:
Development of the Implantable Data Communication Unit using Bluetooth

O 33
S. M. Patel, P. E. Allaire, H. G. Wood, J. M. Adams, D. B. Olsen:
A Failure Modes and Effects Analysis for Mechanical Circulatory Support Systems

O 34
C. Bludszuweit, S. Kühne:
Numerical Assessment of the Thrombosis Risk in Centrifugal Blood Pumps

O 35
X. Song, H. G. Wood, D. B. Olsen:
A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Model to Predict Thrombus in Blood Pump

O 36
A. Arvand, M. Akdis, M. Martin, H. Reul, G. Rau:
Can the Impact of Impeller Shroud Clearance on Hemolytic Properties of a Rotary Blood Pump be Predicted by CFD?

O 37
T. Yamane, D. Sugiyama, T. Miyakoshi, K. Yamazaki:
Flow Visualization for an Implantable Centrifugal Blood Pump, Evaheart

O 38
H. Tsukui, K. Yamazaki, S. Kihara, K. N. Litwak, P. Litwak, M. V. Kameneva, O. Tagusari, T. Akimoto, M. Umezu, J. Tomioka, R. L. Kormos, B. P. Griffith, H. Kurosawa:
From Animal to Human: Final Preclinical Testing of EVAHEARTTM LVAS

O 39
T. Motomura, K. Watanabe, T. Asai, A. Hata, K. Yuri, T. Shinohara, S. Ito, S. Tsujimura, D. Oestmann, J. Glueck, Y. Nosé:
NEDO PI710 BVAD with Hydraulically Levitated Impeller: In Vitro and in Vivo Studies

O 40
J. P. Willis:
Performance of a Magnetically Suspended Rotary Blood Pump Prototype

O 41
H. Rosery, R. Bergemann:
Regulatory Gaps in Reimbursement of Ventricular Assist Devices in Germany

O 42
A. L. Throckmorton, A. Untaroiu, X. Song, H. G. Wood, P. E. Allaire, D. B. Olsen:
Design of an Axial Flow Pediatric Left Ventricular Assist Device

O 43
J. F. Antaki, G. B. Bearnson, H. S. Borovetz, J. R. Boston, C. Chen, S. K. Gandhi, J. A. Hawkins, G. Jacobs, M. V. Kameneva, B. B. Keller, P. Khanwilkar, R. L. Kormos, C.-M. Li, K. N. Litwak, J. W. Long, S. Miles, B. E. Paden, D. Paden, R. E. Shaddy, M. A. Simaan, T. A. Snyder, W. R. Wagner, S. A. Webber, E. J. Wells, J. Wu, Z. Wu, L. J. Yount:
Miniature Maglev Centrifugal Pump for Infants and Small Children: Initial Progress

O 44
M. Goldowsky:
Implantation of the Gold Medical Magnevad™: The World’s Smallest Magnetic Bearing Turbo-Pump

O 45
T. Motomura, K. Watanabe, T. Asai, A. Hata, K. Yuri, T. Shinohara, S. Ito, S. Tsujimura, D. Oestmann, J. Glueck, Y. Nosé:
Development of Pediatric Centrifugal Gyro Pump for Long-term Circulatory Support

O 46
W. Kerkhoffs, O. Schumacher, B. Meyns, H. Reul:
Exploring the Limits: Ultra-small Axial Pump for Long-term Cardiac Assist

O 47
B. Meyns, J. Stolinski, V. Leunens, E. Verbeken, W. Flameng:
Left Ventricular Support by Catheter Mounted Axial Flow Pump Reduces Infarct Size

O 48
M. Morshuis, L. Arusoglu, S. Schulte-Eistrup, A. El-Banayosy, L. Kizner, K. Kind, H.H. Weitkemper, K. Minami, R. Koerfer:
Mechanical Ventricular Support Using Centrifugal Blood Pump for BRT, BTB, and BTT

O 49
A. Ündar, E. D. McKenzie, M. C. McCarry, W. R. Owens, D. L. Surprise, V. D. Kilpack, M. W. Mueller, S. A. Stayer, D. B. Andropoulos, J. A. Towbin, C. D. Fraser Jr.:
Outcomes of Congenital Heart Surgery Patients after Extracorporeal Life Support at Texas Children’s Hospital

O 50
H. J. Knobl, A. Bairaktaris, K. Kind, R. Block, S. Meyer, K. Minami, R. Körfer:
Conventional Extra Corporeal System (ECS) Compared to Preload Controlled Extracardial Pump System (ECAPS) at Coronary Revascularisation with the Diagonal Pump Delta Stream


P 1
T. Shojima, E. Tayama, N. Hayashida, K. Takagi, M. Amako, S. Aoyagi:
Postoperative Inhaled Nitric Oxide for Adult Valvular Heart Disease

P 2
T. Tsukiya, E. Tatsumi, T. Nishinaka, N. Katagiri, Y. Takewa, A. Homma, T. Kamimura, Y. Taenaka, H. Takano, S. Kitamura:
Optimization of the Diffuser System for the Integrated Heart Lung Assist Device

P 3
E. Tayama, K. Takagi, T. Shojima, H. Teshima, T. Takaseya, K. Tayama, S. Aoyagi:
Postcardiotomy Management for Refractory Pulmonary Hypertension with Systemic Vasodilatory Hypotension

P 4
A. Yoshinaka, S. Tomizuka, Y. Asakawa, I. Taga, A. Funakubo, Y. Fukui:
Development of a Cross Flow Blood Pump Designed for All-in-one PCPS System

P 5
R. Kosaka, Y. Sankai, T. Jikuya, T. Yamane, T. Tsutsui:
Resonant Frequency Control Method for the Artificial Heart using Online Parameter Identification

P 6
Y. Wu, P. E. Allaire, H. G. Wood, Y. Liu, J. M. Adams, D. B. Olsen:
A Bridge from Short-term LVADs to Long-term LVADs – The Physiological Controller

P 7
T. Iida, Y. Kawano, K. Ohuchi, T. Masuda, Y. Kimura, M. Yoshino, N. Watanabe, H. Hoshi, H. Kataoka, T. Yasuda, M. Nakamura, T. Fujimoto, T. Fujita, T. Sakamoto, S. Takatani:
Hemolytic and Hydrodynamic Performance Analysis of Impeller Design for Centrifugal Blood Pump: Experimental and Computational Evaluation

P 8
M. Nishida, Y. Miyamoto, T. Yamane:
Effectiveness of Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis for the Flow Around the Bearings of Centrifugal Blood Pumps

P 9
F. Ichihashi, Y. Sankai, T. Yamane, T. Jikuya, T. Tsutsui:
Development of Intelligent Wearable Management Server for Implantable Artificial Heart

P 10
S. Tsujimura, S. Ito, K. Watanabe, N. Takano, T. Asai, A. Hata, J. Glueck, T. Motomura, T. Shinohara, Y. Sankai, Y. Nosé:
Hydraulically Levitated Impeller by Controlling Optimum Magnetic Coupling Force for a Clinically Applicable Centrifugal Pump System

P 11
K. Watanabe, T. Asai, T. Motomura, A. Hata, S. Ito, T. Shinohara, S. Tsujimura, J. Glueck, Y. Nosé:
Centrifugal Blood Pump with Hydraulically Levitated Impeller for the Permanently Implantable Biventricular Assist Device

P 12
T. Asai, K. Watanabe, S. Ito, S. Tsujimura, T. Motomura, A. Hata, T. Shinohara, J. Glueck, Y. Nosé:
Real-Time Studies of the Pivot Bearing in the Gyro PI710 Centrifugal Blood Pump

P 13
J. Sadowski, B. Kapelak, K. Bartus, R. Dwila, P. Przybylowski, Z. Samitowski:
The Orqis™ Medical Cancion™ Cardiac Recovery System (CRS) - Clinical Experience at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

P 14
L. Sauren, K. Reesink, A. Dekker, T. van der Nagel, E. Severdija, C. Soemers, G. Geskes, J. Maessen,E. van der Veen:
Pulsatile Extracorporeal Life Support may Provide Versatility in Optimizing Cardiac and Circulatory Support

P 15
H. Onuma, T. Masuzawa, M. Murakami, Y. Okada:
Magnetically Suspended Centrifugal Blood Pump with Novel Axially Levitated Motor

P 16
M. Akdis, M. Martin, R. Autschbach, S. Christiansen, L. Demircan, P. Kwant, H. Reul:
Durability and Animal Testing of an Implantable Microdiagonal Pump

P 17
Y. Abe, T. Chinzei, T. Isoyama, S. Mochiduki, I. Saito, T. Ono, K. Iwasaki, K. Takiura, A. Kouno, K. Imachi:
Construction of the Ventricular Assist Device with the Technology of the Undulation Pump Total Artificial Heart

P 18
T. Yambe, Y. Shiraishi, M. Esashi, Y. Haga, M. Yoshizawa, F. Sato, M. Yoshizawa, K. Imachi, Y. Abe, S. Nitta:
Component Engineering for the Implantable Ventricular Assist System

P 19
K. Bourque, D. Cassidy, C. Dague, H. Loree, V. Poirier, D. Farrar, T. Gempp, V. Steinacher, R. Schöb:
Assessment of a Pulse Induced by Modulating the Speed of a Continuous-Flow Rotary LVAD

P 20
K. Hayashida, A. Takahashi, S. Nakajima, H. Yaku, N. Kitamura:
Percutaneous Cardiopulmonary Support in the Emergency Room for Acute Myocardial Infarction

Lengerich, Berlin, Riga, Rom, Wien, Zagreb