Peter Kremeier, Christian Woll

Understanding and comparing modes of ventilation
The Kronberg List of Ventilation Modes

2017, 76 pages,
ISBN 978-3-95853-344-8,
price: 10,-

3rd revised and extended edition

The development of new ventilation methods and differences in manufacturers' marketing strategies, as well as trademarks and trademark protection issues often make it difficult to establish clear criteria that allow a side-by-side comparison of different ventilation modes and ventilation parameters. Particularly in situations when patients requiring ventilatory support are first admitted, or when a member of staff changes to a new ICU, many users are unable to establish a correspondence between a clinical picture and the selected breathing pattern. This of course makes it difficult for the user to apply the correct settings. While the American nomenclature is often considered less appropriate for a clear classification of closed-loop modes, a national German or a European standard in this field has yet to be established.
We hope that the Kronberg List will go some way towards guiding you through the labyrinth of ventilation modes, and that it proves useful as a quick reference guide in bedside decision-making. Comparison tables that acknowledge differences between different manufacturers' devices, and which provide detailed descriptions of all relevant characteristics, will make it easy for the user to compare the relevant ventilation methods. The new edition has been completely revised and expanded. At the same time we incorporated the classification elaborated by Robert L. Chatburn which meanwhile is also being applied by the ECRI (formerly Emergency Care Research Institute) to describe and compare ventilators.

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